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We create projects which make a profit for your business

With Applantis you will receive not only good specialists, but also the highest quality service. Our team finds an individual approach to each client, so that he is satisfied. For over 7 years we have been developing web applications and working with companies around the world - from Moscow to Miami.

Our projects

Over the 11 years, we have developed 248 success stories, including 18 of our own projects and 248 projects of our clients and partners. We are proud of all our work. After all, we make them with love.

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Сайт и мобильное приложение для женщин QVALIS

We create secure code         

“Each of our projects is subject to stringent Penetration and Security tests ..”

Our services

Our team

Yaroslav Bogachev
Fullstack developer
Artem Avdeev
Managing Director
Stepan Kushtuev
Fullstack developer
Aleksandr Gotovets
Fullstack developer
For over 8 years, he has been developing software and Hardware solutions. We have implemented more than 500 successful projects.
500 +
Successful projects
С 2007г
In IT Business
Man in a team

Our solutions work

About us they say

About us

Implemented technologies

What language can not do without working with any web technology? Of course, without HTML / CSS!
PHP is one of the three most popular and popular programming languages in the world. It is widely used in creating dynamically generated web pages.
JavaScript is a programming language designed to make a website “live”: it interacts with a site visitor, responds to cursor movements, mouse clicks, and keystrokes.
Objective C
Compiled, object-oriented programming language used by Apple, built on the basis of the C language and the Smalltalk paradigm. In particular, the object model is built in the Smalltalk style - that is, messages are sent to objects.
The evolution of JavaScript every year provides an opportunity for web developers to create a large number of new technologies and innovative applications.
The most popular mobile OS in the world. All Android devices (smartphones, watches, TVs, car systems and more) are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Docker is software for automating the deployment and management of applications in containerized environments.

GraphQL is an open source query and manipulation language for the API, as well as a runtime environment for executing queries with existing data.

React is an open source JavaScript library for developing user interfaces. React is developed and maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of individual developers and corporations. React can be used to develop single-page and mobile applications.